Welcome to Saint Charbel International School
Founded in 2002, the Saint Charbel International School is proud to be a leader
in delivering the Lebanese National curriculum in Ghana. SCIS is accredited by
The Lebanese Ministry of Education. SCIS has a reputation in delivering
academic excellence in Ghana.

SCIS accepts applications for children aged 40 days in Nursery section and
3 years of age for children entering preschool to our elementary and secondary
section. Upper Secondary school students follow the Lebanese Brevet
The Maronite Congregation of St. Therese’ Sisters of Child Jesus founded on
17th May by Monsignor Antoun Akl. Our Mission is to serve and share the
suffering of destitute without discrimination. In fulfilling our mission, centers were
established in highly populated disadvantged urban and rural areas. Our nuns
work diligently to fulfill this mission